A cost effective way for your child to learn to ride and make new friends is by joining our Saturday Club groups. Children from the age of 5 may join these sessions. (Please see our Pony Pals sessions for ages 2 – 4).

These sessions are split into seven or eight levels from complete beginners who have never ridden or are relatively new to the sport, up to our advanced junior riders.

*Please note that although these sessions are 60 mins long, the actual riding time may be slightly less with the beginners and novice groups as we teach them how to mount, check girths and adjust their stirrups. A vital skill we like to teach them early on in their riding journey.

Saturday Club

Each rider will be assessed and monitored each week, with notes kept on their progress and when the coach is confident the rider is comfortable at that level, they will be moved up to the next session after discussing with the parents. We actively encourage parents to ask questions regarding their child’s progress but ask them to respect the coach’s decisions. The technical skills are just one aspect of riding, confidence, fitness and the child’s mindset make up the other parts. Therefore, we may offer the child the chance to try out a higher level session and see how they get on. It is important they understand that it is better to be happy and confident in a lower level group than struggling in a session too far out of their comfort zone! Each child progresses at their own rate and we are there to help them achieve their own personal goals whatever they may be.

* Each lesson will need to be booked in advance. *
* You will not be able to just turn up on the day. We ask that each child turns up promptly on the hour to allow us to mount up each rider in order to start promptly at a quarter past the hour. *
* Please note that if you cancel with less than 24 hrs notice, (by 8am the day before your lesson,)  you will be required to pay the full lesson price unless we can rebook the place. *
* Slots will be limited so please book well in advance to ensure a place.

If your child wishes to stay and “help” out around the ponies then we do permit this providing they are of a certain age and understand the safety aspects of being around large animals. They may stay for a few hours or a full day but we ask that they sign in and out on the register. We make no charge for this and ask that you send your child with a packed lunch and plenty of clothing!
Although, they will be monitored, these are not structured sessions and no formal tuition will be provided. Formal stable management sessions are run on badge mornings and throughout the holidays.

However, please note that we will not be held responsible for any child left on the yard not attending lessons unless prior permission has been sought.