Clubmark accreditation with Barguse Riding Centre

Clubmark accreditation & what it means for you as a parent or participant.

Clubmark, introduced in 2002, is the Sport England mark of high quality clubs, reassuring both parents and participants that the club is a high quality, welcoming environment for young people. The mark is awarded to clubs that can satisfy minimum operating requirements in the four areas of

  • The playing programme
  • Duty of care and child protection. (Barguse has adopted the child protection policy set out by the BEF)
  • Sports equity and ethics.
  • Club management.

The mark is an accreditation scheme covering a variety of different sports and is specifically designed for clubs with junior sections. The scheme is designed to ensure the wellbeing of young people whilst participating in sport, enable them to use their leisure time creatively and optimise their talents and personal ability.

Finally, we ask parents that if they have any concerns that they speak to our welfare and liaison officer, Lisa Todd.

We encourage parents to read the following codes of conduct and policies with their children by going to the legal stuff page!

  • Codes of conduct for junior members
  • Codes of conduct for parents/carers
  • Equity policy

Happy riding!


Barguse is the first riding school in Cornwall to be awarded this status and currently, only one of 24 establishments in the whole of the UK to have achieved this award. This accreditation means parents can feel confident that their children are safe, secure and well cared for at Barguse.

It demonstrates that the centre is committed to maintaining the highest standards set by our national governing bodies. Our aim is to be able to offer quality tuition to all ages and abilities and to give young riders the opportunity to access training from top class trainers whilst maintaining a policy of fair play.

Thus, when you first book your child in at Barguse for a riding lesson, you will be presented with a joining pack. In the pack, you will receive various forms and codes of conduct (some of which are listed below). These are to help your child feel more comfortable in a new environment and give them some understanding of the general rules of sportsmanship.

We do ask that you take some time to go through the pack with your child.

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