Jan 2021 Price List
Details Price
Saturday Club (60 min lesson) £24.00 (no additional charge to stay after and help- subject to age/ability)
Adult Private Lesson (one rider) – 1 hr /45 mins/ 30 mins £44 / £35/£30
Adult Semi-Private Lesson (2 riders only) – 1hr / 45 mins £34.50 / £25
Adult Group Lesson (3 riders or more) – 1 hr/ 45 mins £27.50/£24
Adult 6 x Private Lessons – 1hr / 45 mins/ 30 mins £240 / £195/ £174
Adult 6 x Semi-private lessons – 1hr/ 45mins £190 / £145
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Child Private Lesson (one rider) – 1 hour / 45 mins/ 30 mins £44 / £35/ £30  (45 mins and 1 hour sessions for 9yrs + only)
Child Semi-Private Lesson (2 riders only) – 1 hour /45 mins/ 30 mins £34.50 / £25/ £20
Child Group Lesson (3 riders or more) – 1 hour/ 45 mins £27.50/£24
Child 6 x Semi-private lessons – 1 hour/45 mins/ 30 mins £190/ £145/ £110
Child 6 x Private Lessons – 1 hour / 45 mins/ 30 mins £240/ £195/ £174
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Private Lesson (on own horse) – 1 hour / 45 mins/ 30 mins £42.50/ £35/ £30
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Learn to ride packages (offer applies once only)
3 x Private Lessons – 1 hour / 45 mins/ 30 mins £125 / £99/ £85.50
Pony Pals £10
Pony Club Centre Rallies – 45 min  riding/ 45 min stable management £15
Take Back The Reins – 1 hour £21.50
Take Back The Reins – 1 hour x 7 sessions £135
Buy 10 Lessons and get the 11th one FREE !!

‘Child’ prices apply to children under 16 years of age

Bookings can be made by telephone or in person at the centre.
If you would like further information or help with planning your event please contact us on 01208 831817


All lessons will have to be paid for in advance at the time of booking. Unfortunately as a business we are unable to sustain the ongoing problem we have with late cancellations and clients who fail to turn up for their lessons. We regret having to do this however it is in line with a lot of other B.H.S. Riding Schools and businesses who have encountered the same problem. Payment can be made over the phone by credit/debit card, BACS or in person. Once a lesson is booked it may be transferred once only provided appropriate notice is given.

Late cancellation of lessons means not only loss of revenue for the business but a lost opportunity for other clients.

Clients must appreciate that there is a lot of work and planning that goes in to getting your horse/pony ready for a lesson. It must be brought in from the field, groomed, feet picked out and tacked up, it may even have been lunged or ridden by a member of staff prior to your lesson. Hence why we have a cancellation policy.

Cancellation policy

Unfortunately lessons cancelled with less than 24hrs notice ( by 8am the day before your lesson, or 5pm Saturday for Monday sessions) or riders that fail to show up for their lesson will still be charged at the full rate.

No exceptions to this rule can be made.

Lessons cancelled up to 48hrs in advance where we are able to rebook the space will not incur a charge. However if we are unable to fill the space private lessons will be charged £10 and group lessons £5.