Barguse runs various clinics for owners who wish to give their horses a health check. We use only fully qualified practitioners. These include vaccination and dental checks, physiotherapy and saddlery checks.”

Vaccinations and dental checks.

These are carried out by our own in house vet, Alistair Todd. Alistair is a director of Kernow Veterinary Group and heads up the Equine team which is his personal specialty.

Alistair Todd

Physiotherapy Clinics

These are carried out by Gillian Tabor.
Physiotherapy is the application of a number of techniques that help muscles, joints and nerves (the musculoskeletal system) recover from injury and function to their full potential. Musculoskeletal injury is the most important field in veterinary physiotherapy and the majority of soft tissue injuries can benefit from treatment.
If your horse has had an accident, fallen, been cast or pulled back badly he may suffer soft tissue damage which leads to abnormalities in the way he moves with a resultant change in his way of going and poor performance.

Physiotherapy can also be useful in the treatment and management of secondary problems due to orthopedic conditions such as navicular syndrome and spavin. It is important that these conditions have first been diagnosed by your veterinary surgeon.

Chartered physiotherapists assess and treat a wide range of condition using manual techniques. These include joint and soft tissue mobilisations/manipulations. Laser, ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation may be used alone or in conjunction with manual techniques to optimise the horse’s ability to heal.
Chartered Physiotherapist’ is a title that gives the public the guarantee that the person using the title has gained a certain level of academic training and is qualified and registered to practice. A Chartered physiotherapist will have the letters MCSP (Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) and HPC registered (Health Professionals Council) after their name.

Gillian Tabor

Gillian trained in Cardiff, graduating with a BSc Honours degree in Physiotherapy in 1998 and then worked within the NHS in Hampshire.  After training with Anna Johnson (Sydney and Athens Olympics British Equestrian Team Physio), she worked within Anna’s practice in Buckinghamshire.
Whilst completing the first Masters Degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy at the Royal Veterinary College, London she moved to Devon in 2002 to go into partnership with Clare McDonald.  Treating injured riders has lead to pursuing training in Rider Biomechanics and Pilates, and then teaching Pilates for Riders on both a one-to-one and class basis.
Gillian has brought on and enjoys competing her horses, with a special interest in dressage.

Saddlery Checks

Barguse hosts regular saddlery check clinics with Nutwell Saddlery from Exeter. It is the ideal opportunity to have your saddle checked and reflocked or alternatively if you are looking to purchase a new saddle. All adjustments can normally be carried out on the day, on site and with the benefit of using our indoor and outdoor facilities.

Nutwell Saddlery boasts three qualified saddler fitters. All of their saddle fitters have been fitting saddles for a minimum of three years and hold the Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitters Certificate.

In the UK, this is the best reassurance you can get that the person who is fitting the saddle has the experience and knowledge required to ensure a correct fit.
To check for upcoming clinic dates please check out our events section or register here for regular updates.


Nutwell Saddlery