Our first week back!!

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It was so nice to get started back to lessons and to catch up with old faces this last week. Although we were not able to run exactly as before the previous lockdown, we still managed to provide a variety of lessons and activities.

The Easter holidays began with a competition prep clinic that gave riders the opportunity to get their eye in before taking part in the Easter show jumping competition on Easter Monday. Due to the Covid restrictions we had to run the event in our outdoor which was a blustery affair to say the least! Despite the biting cold winds, we had a lovely turnout of Barguse riding school clients and outside riders who took advantage of our low key, relaxed format; aimed at giving riders and novice horses the chance to have a play around a course of jumps. I’ve posted the results below.

Barguse riders did a fantastic job and took quite a lot of the top placings which considering many of them have had very little experience riding within a show environment, showed how much they have progressed and learnt in their lessons.Well done to all!

X-Pole Class
1st- Matt Todd on Jez
2nd- Millie-Rae Jabler on Henry
3rd- Sara Edwards on Nola
4th- Ebony Craig on Marsha
5th- Jenna Walsh on Maverick
50cm Class
1st- Freya Passmore on Lowen
2nd- Matt Todd on Jez
3rd- Ellemaye Crocker on Nero
60cm Class
1st- Charlie Gregory on Goose
2nd- Jess Bate on Socks
3rd- Niamh Williams on Florrie
4th- Ellemaye Crocker on Nero
70cm Class
1st- Amber Golley on Podge
2nd- Meghan Burridge on Penport Cracker Jack
3rd- Jess Bate on Socks
4th- Aneura Eveleigh on Basil
5th- Amber Golley on Mr Waffle
6th- Georgia Varcoe on Crosby
Chase Me Chick Class
14.2hh & Under:
1st- Amber Golley on Mr Waffle (Clear at 1m)
2nd- Georgia Varcoe on Crosby
14.3hh +:
1st- Mandy Willcock on Amy (Clear at 1m)
2nd- Charlie Gregory on Goose
3rd- Aneura Eveleigh on Basil
4th- Jess Bate on Socks