Lisa’s Epic Teachathon Challenge

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On Friday 27th August at 2pm I began a 24 hour non-stop teaching marathon! The aim was to raise as much money as possible for the BHS Second Chance Fund which is run in conjunction with the RSPCA. This campaign aims to take horses and ponies that have been seized by the RSPCA due to welfare issues and rehome them into centres for retraining and give them a home and purpose in life. The BHS helps by funding the vet care, vaccinations and transport costs of these horses to enable them to enter their new stage of life.

I chose this fund because as a centre, the BHS helped with emotional and financial support during the Covid lockdown periods when we could earn no money and yet had to keep 32 horses fed and cared for with limited financial support from the government. It was an extremely dark time for riding schools with many choosing to close their doors permanently. Many schools had to sell their horses but due to rising costs were unable to buy any back once lockdown was lifted because horse prices were so exorbitant. It is hoped that by connecting the RSPCA with riding schools, that it will help both horses in need and riding schools and their need for horses.

If you feel you would like to donate then please go to the following funding link or alternatively, please feel to drop any donations into our centre and we will ensure they are transferred over to the BHS.

To see all the horses and ponies and riders who took part in this challenge please go to our FB page and check out the live updates!

A huge thank you to our amazing team who helped to keep me motivated, fed and watered and generously gave up their time to ride.

You are all absolute stars.

My amazing nighttime crew who kept me fed and watered and rode throughout the wee, small hours.

Challenge completed!