Getting used to the new norm!

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Video Covid-19  Watch here to see what you can now expect when you visit!

It seems an age since we were first allowed to reopen after the Covid-19 pandemic.Gradually, we are beginning to develop a new routine but with ever-changing guidelines each week, it has not been easy with us constantly facing dilemmas as to what we can reasonably and safely expect our staff and customers to do. As it currently stands, lead rein group sessions are pretty much impossible. Due to social-distancing rules, we are not able or comfortable providing leaders unless they and the rider were wearing full PPE. This isn’t even an option because its far too uncomfortable to wear masks whilst running or riding. Competent and confident parents can lead their children in a private session but due to the restriction regards numbers allowed in one session because we have to count the leaders as one of those numbers, it currently makes group sessions financially unviable.We are hoping that from the 24th July, the numbers allowed in a group are eased so that this allows us to start back lead rein groups.

The introduction of pre-paid sessions has helped eliminate the need for people to come to the office and all clients are following the rules for hand sanitising.Thanks to the refurb of our outdoor arena, we can run lessons indoors and outdoors which allows us to at least maximise the number of riders we can accommodate each day so riders don’t miss out. We appreciate that for some riders this has meant that they are unable to ride as frequently as pre-lockdown but we hope yet again, that as the restrictions are eased that we can increase the number of spaces we have to offer.

Looking forward to the Summer holidays, we are trying to run activities that follow the social distancing rules but allow riders a bit more freedom, this will inevitably mean smaller groups but we are becoming very good at adapting on the hoof (excuse the pun) so we have no doubt that we will once again be able to offer a varied schedule of events over the next seven weeks! Like all of you, we long for the time when some form of old normality returns!