Fun in the Sun!!

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We finally got to christen our new; revamped outdoor when we ran our first Clear Round & Showjumping afternoon since the Covid-19 lockdown. We had to change the format due to social distancing restrictions with a one-way system warm up and pre-booked entries so all competitors were given times to arrive. However, we were thrilled with the number of people who came and supported us with 80 entries for the day! We started at 11.15 and finally finished at just gone 7pm and competitors seemed to enjoy the laid-back vibe where they could choose to ride in show gear or come casual! These were the results of the actual jumping classes:

Class 2: X-Poles Class:

1st: Annaliese Rogers on Brooke

2nd: Beth Doble on Mav

3rd: Sarah Edwards on Nola

Class 3: 50cm Class

1st: Belinda Hawken on Shakira

2nd: Cait Pearce on Goose

3rd: Babs Khan on Daisy

Class 5: 60cm Class

1st: Georgia Varcoe on Crosby

2nd: Evie Brokenshire on Bobby Dazzler

3rd: Amber Golley on Rafiki

4th: Aneura Eveleigh on Goose

Class 7: 70cm Class

1st: Amber Golley on Rafiki

2nd: Maddie Kincaid on Tia

3rd: Jess Bate on Socks

4th: Nicci Waldock on Bobby Dazzler

5th Georgia Varcoe on Crosby